an indulgence

Please, someone tell me you picked up on the double meaning in my last post, a novel idea. Please? Even if you didn’t? I think God will forgive you, and I’ll feel better. Win win. Anyone?

7 thoughts on “an indulgence”

  1. Uhm, sure. I got it. (watching for lightening…)


    Seriously, yes. I even forwarded your post to my son so that he could enjoy the novel, novelty!

  2. Yay! Thanks, Jonathan! Whew! I feel better now.

    Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for lightning strikes related to blog comments, or any other acts of God.

  3. You’re so clever. I would also argue that you convey sarcasm quite well, but that might just be that this audience member lives and breathes sarcasm a bit too much. Keep reading and writing. I think He will forgive us all… For our sarcasm, for John’s embellishments, and all of our lack of perspective. What a novel idea…

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