thankful for things

I’m uncertain and hesitant about publishing this. Being thankful can be so annoying to those who are assaulted by it when unprepared for its celebratory intrusions. I certainly am annoyed by it on a regular basis; like I am when a bee is trying to get a chunk of my watermelon when I’m eating my leftovers out on the deck.

Nonetheless, Renee and I have attempted to be more intentional about noticing thanks-worthy things.  So, in August, we started a new blog.  I know, I know . . .

But, it was just private at first. Just the two of us. We wanted to get comfortable about the idea of being so blatantly thankful. It’s kind of weird.

Maybe it will make you feel better to know we don’t post something every day.  Sometimes we’re just too tired to be thankful.  It can be draining.

Anyway, we’re more comfortable now, so we’ve made it public. You don’t have to read it. It’s more of a personal journal of goodness, but we decided that even though it may be awkward, it also may be inspiring, and occasionally, we’re all about that.  So maybe you could check it out, occasionally.  We’d be thankful.

Read the “About” page, if you want to know more about what it’s about.

Click the following link to go there:

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