catching breath

Let’s take our time with this, shall we?

Let’s stop for a moment,

lift our vision from the trail

long enough to check our bearings

and breathe deeply.



From where have we come?

To where are we headed, 

beyond the next minute or hour,

in a day, or a week.

Let’s gain perspective on seasons,

on motion, on the journey,

on grand scope and meaning,

and on details.

Let’s remember the dream,

the inspiration,

the hope of the beginning.





Let’s hear the last word of the sentence,

the sound of the period,

the exclamation point,

or question mark,

before we move,

and let its presence linger,

in the movement.

Let’s allow the questions,

the answers, the desires,

the security, the truth,

to well up and rise to the surface

in the absence of coercion.

Let’s wait for the turbulence to blow over

and the dust to settle.

Let’s mark our days

with the textures of moments,

and colors of hope,

aware of what’s beneath,

inside, around, and over.

Let’s feel the breeze

and acknowledge the light.

Let’s see the flower bloom

and watch the bee succumb

to her seduction.



Is the course true?

Let’s allow time to tell and light to show.

Let’s be led.

Let’s follow.

Let’s enjoy the way, the view, the substance.

Let’s take our time with this, shall we?

8 thoughts on “catching breath”

  1. i resonate with this one tonight, dale. it speaks deeply to me of some things i’ve been unable to articulate recently. we’ve been struggling with contentment and discontentment as of late…searching for where each might have a lasting place – the one in our material world, and the other in our spiritual journey…stumbling over how very frequently we keep mixing up and misplacing the two. this idea of taking time just to breathe and observe and reflect and wonder…well,…it seems like a good place to start.


  2. Your such a hedonist, bro! Let’s get drunk on the bee getting drunk on the flower getting drunk on the air and sun! And let’s take our flipping time doing it! Amen and much love from la Suisse!


  3. You’ve sent me into the hills (you know the ones that are “alive with the sound of music”–yeah, those are the ones) with a mission to look and listen. I just hope I can hear well enough to hear past the cacophony of cow bells!


  4. I am not sure what you had in mind when you wrote this. Probably the same thing that I do, but maybe not. I am guessing probably more than just this because you tend to *think* a lot more than I do. But for me, I feel this is very timely and true to my heart when I breathe in that this is the last day that our oldest daughter lives in our home. I am going to try to inhale and exhale, breathe it in and out, remember where we have come from and where we are going, look and listen, enjoy the way and view, follow and be led….

    (BTW, this isn’t poetry, is it? I mean I could actually understand it and it didn’t feel like Spanish to me. Just wonderin’)


  5. thanks for sharing this. i followed the link from tim’s blog & am thankful to have read these words this morning. i think i may put it over my desk to dwell on for a few weeks, i hope you don’t mind!


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