the strength of its substance

Since shortly after writing my last post, jealous for me,  I’ve been bothered by something but have resisted writing it until now.  I’ve been fasting from this and trying to let that post just stand for what it is – a cute clever little post with a sharp edge.  I can’t stand it any more, but I’ll be quick about it.

That post seemed to imply that I have moments of doubt regarding Jesus’ love for me.  That’s not really the case.

In what I think has been a sideways response to this irritation, I’ve discovered myself saying to a few different people recently that I’m not certain of many things, but I am certain of two things for sure, and maybe a couple more, but at least two.  I mean really certain.  Those two things are these:

  1. God gave Renee’s love to me and in so doing obligates me to all that relationship requires of me and blesses me from all that relationship provides.
  2. God loves me without limit or hindrance and my relationship with him is sound.

As I’ve examined and turned over the words of that last post in the fingers of my mind, I’ve discovered those two things to be irrefutable to me, and I’ve been compelled to say them.

However, in defense of that post, I find I also must say that I continue to be surprised by the abundance of those things.

When I run into the reality of Christ’s love for me, I am frequently and most profoundly overwhelmed by the sheer truth of it, and the strength of its substance.

Though it is never news to me, as if I had not known it, it is always more powerful than I’ve previously experienced, more penetrating and more enlivening.  In that regard, Christ’s love is never in doubt, yet always new.  I am moved by it, broken by it, restored by it, and sustained by it.

He is jealous for me.

On my best days, I live and breathe in the abundance of that truth.

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