you, yes YOU, are not lost or forgotten

This is for those of you who are weary, confused, slightly shocked, numb, a little scared, worn out, burnt out, down-n-out, angry, broken, despairing, perplexed, distant, hiding, fighting, struggling, coping, grieving, withdrawn, living in the shallow end of life, empty, dusty, superficially successful, or just plain lost and lonely.

While I was reading a couple of days ago, I came to the sudden realization that I needed to say this plainly, so I’ll say it first and explain at the end.

Jesus knows where you are.  He sees you and feels your heaviness.  You are not forgotten.  You are not outcast.  You have not been discarded.  You are not finished.  You are not worthless.  You are not invisible.  You are not alone.  Your life, your days, your tears, your agony are not spent in vain.  You don’t have to be afraid.

You are loved.  Love never fails.  You are known.  You are seen.  You are desired.  You are forgiven.

There I’ve said it.

I know, it’s still hard to believe.

We still wonder.  Is it true?  Could it be true?

Could anyone really love me that much?  Could anyone ever care enough about me to come for me?  Just me?  Am I of any value to anyone at all?

I believe that if you’ve ever been attracted to anything about Jesus at all, the reason for the attraction is in the simple, pervasive hope for the positive answer to that question.

Yes.  It’s true.  He loves you like that.  He has come for you.  Just you, in just the place you are.  He’s true.  You really are loved in the way you’ve longed to be.

In the darkness, in the chaos, in the confusion, amidst all of the encroaching madness, the pressure, the vanity, the fragile success, and the despair, he has come.

“It’s too good to be true,” is a statement that doesn’t apply to him.  That’s a man-made statement for man-made things.

I feel pretty strongly about this.  I have a feeling some of you really need to hear that – clearly and simply.

The book I was reading was Found Art – Discovering Beauty in Foreign Places by Leeana Tankersley, which I just happened to pick up from a friend because it appeared interesting, and it has been.  Leeana relates the story of how, immediately after marrying her Navy Seal husband, she moved to Bahrain to be near his base.  While there, her faith was renewed and refreshed in unusual, subtle, unexpected and profound ways, and the simple words that triggered my heart-stirring reflection were:

[Jesus] had come . . . He did not forget.  He did not lose track.  He did not give up.  He found me on the far side of the sea.

Those words stirred me up all over again about the “breakfast” post that I wrote here a few days ago.  Apparently, it’s still not out of my system, and I’m not sure it ever will be.

Anyway, I just thought you should know, Jesus has come for you.  Talk to him.  Go ahead, try it.  It’s the only way to know if it really works.  Check.  Lean into him, rest in him, be embraced by him.  Try him and see if he’s true.

3 thoughts on “you, yes YOU, are not lost or forgotten”

  1. Thanks for keeping it real, brother. You hit the mark on so many levels. It’s like we share thought waves or something. I needed to be reminded that even in the worst of times He is always there. Love you.


  2. Wow. I needed that. I’ve been offline (metaphorically and literally)for 2 weeks while on vacation. Mostly everything seems to be the same as when I left. But a lot has gone on here at namesake. Keep posting!


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