Jesus responds

Dear Dale,

Jesus here.  I read your post, “a better way“.  (Well, actually I was reading as you typed even though I knew what you were going to type, but that sounds a bit creepy.)  Thanks for coming to me with your questions.  It’s about time, really.

Sorry I’ve taken a couple of days to get back to you.  As you know, things are busy, but that’s not really the reason for the delay.  Things are always busy.  That’s the way I’ve made them, and trust me, you don’t know the half of it.  I can handle it though.  After all, it’s mine.

Frankly, I just needed to let you sit in that for a while.  Furthermore, you’re not really finished with it yet, but I figure I can provide a bit of help on the way.

But, hey, before I get started on that, let me just say about that other post, “an open letter to anonymous husbands“, that was great!  You really crack me up sometimes.  I enjoy laughing at you.

But, yeah, you’re going to need to go ahead and repent for that one.  I mean, it was funny, but not really very nice – version 1, that is.  Actually, I know the intended audience for those words, even better than you know, and it’s seriously breaking my heart more than it breaks yours, and you might actually need to say some of those things – without the name-calling and insults, of course – to that person.  I’ll let you know if and when.

For version 2, oh yeah!, I totally get what you’re saying there.  It was a bit patronizing, but, wow!, that stuff drives me crazy, too.  I mean, can I get a little authenticity, please?!  Sheesh!

Anyways, I’m working on that, too, and it’s kind of interesting to watch, but, trust me, it all works out fine in the end.  Really.

Which brings me to the other prayer about a better way to get this done:

It’s too bad, but I can’t possibly explain to you the whole picture here.  There’s just too much, and I realize that’s frustrating for you.  But you need to trust me.

I’ve got your back, and – it may be cliché in english, but in the heavenly language I speak (no, it’s not King James’ English, either), it’s a resounding sound of victory – everything’s going to be alright!

Again, trust me.

Now, I can tell you a few things in answer to your questions:

  1. Of course I can hear you, and I’m listening!  You’ll be surprised to know, though, that I’m listening even when you don’t want me to listen.  I’m listening before you say, “Dear Jesus”, and after you say, “Amen.”   So watch your mouth!  Just kidding.  I listen to your thoughts, so watching your mouth won’t help.
  2. Yes, I know about all your doubts, and far worse things about you.  Don’t worry, I forgive you.  It really is the Christian thing to do.
  3. Financial independence isn’t in the cards – don’t even ask.  Trust me, it’s not a good fit in the plans I have for you.
  4. There is a better way for you to set priorities:  ask me.  Constantly.  Don’t worry, I can handle the logistics.  I mean I know that’s difficult for you to sustain, but basically, I got your GPS right here.  You listen, I’ll direct.  It really works.
  5. Prayer that really works.  Done.  It’s working.  Here I am, after all, responding to your latest.  I know, this is hard for you.  There are so many variables at play in every life at every moment, you can’t possibly understand.  Let me explain a little, though:

You had 30, plus a bunch, on your mind when you wrote that post.  First of all, I’ve got the whole world in my hands, including the ones you think you’ve got, so stop whining, already.

Second, you can’t possibly understand how the whole plan works, but you having those 30 on your mind is what I needed you to have.  Think about every person like you all over the world – all of those who are engaged in some way in this work of the gospel.  There are many more than you’ve ever imagined.

I know, it’s easy to be cynical, or even just skeptical, about my people, but for all their weaknesses, they are truly accomplishing more than you’ve ever imagined, for my sake.

Well, each of those people have their 30 or 100 or 1000 about whom they are concerned and for whom they are engaged in prayer and service.

On certain days, you feel entirely inadequate and exhausted with the weight of the portion you know, but you’re an effective and critical part of what I’m doing all over the world, and your exhaustion is what keeps you coming back to me.  If you could do this without becoming exhausted, you’d be . . . well, you’d be me.

This is the stuff that holds the world together:  I in you, you in me, and we, yes we, are getting it done.

You might want to let people know that I’m the one who invented the world-wide-web.  It’s people on their knees, and in their offices, and in their prayer closets, and in coffee shops, and in fields, and in homes, and places you would never expect to find me.

I wish you could see it from here.  It’s pretty cool!

And it’s working!

You do what you can.  That’s what I need from you.  It’s more than you think you can do, and less than you feel like you have to do.  (See #4, above.)

Trust me.  It’s going to be alright.  All of it!

Well, I gotta run, now.  You know, things are happening and I’m needed.

Thanks for writing!  Keep it up.

I love you, too!

Yours truly,


P.S.  John 3:16!  🙂

P.P.S.  You’re going to need to work out that stuff with Katie.  Talk to her!  Soon!

P.P.P.S.  Stop being so crabby!  After all, “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine”; a.k.a. “Cheer the hell up!”  😉

5 thoughts on “Jesus responds”

  1. Dale, you are a good writer. i want to be able to make art like the things you write and say… maybe someday i will… Jesus has made you beautiful… or is making i suppose… i miss you… love you too.


  2. Wow, boys! That’s a whole lot a love! It’s a little bit icky. After all, it’s merely a blog post from Jesus. Sheesh. But, I have to admit, I love you, too. Go sing and dance your brains out with Jesus this weekend, Dave! Seth, don’t give me that “want to be” garbage. You’re doing it, fella! You big gizzard head.


  3. Oh my, you do make me laugh (especially after only 4 hours of sleep). I’m still laughing from the last couple of posts. I probably shouldn’t store these things up so I have to read too many of them at once, it’s just more than my tired little brain can handle. But thanks, I enjoyed my blog break. Keep ’em coming–it’s so good to know someone who personally got a written response from Jesus. You are totally cool!


  4. I am really glad you are writing consistently again. I just read like six in a row because I shamefully let them build up, and every one was…well…great, and made me think.


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