spring chorus

Did anyone besides me notice how happy the birds were this morning?

Maybe it was the cold spring rain that covered the ground this morning when I left, or maybe it was the dark clouds covering the eastern sky, or maybe it was the brightness of the sunrise reflecting off the mountains in the west through the bright blue break in the clouds, but something made the birds happy.

Maybe they’re always happy.

But I don’t think they always sing like that.

In any case, I’m pretty sure they coaxed the first daffodils to emerge from their winter hibernation.  When I arrived home this afternoon, two new daffodils greeted me outside our front door.

I love this time of the year.

Did anyone notice besides me?

The absence of such beautiful things has admittedly gone mostly unnoticed through the winter.  I’m always surprised by the way life shows up, seemingly from nowhere.

I hope the birds, and the daffodils, are happy again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “spring chorus”

  1. Isn’t it funny how loud something seems when you arent’ used to it? In a few weeks, we may not even notice the bird chatter as much. Hatch & I were out back & there was a bird squabble & it was so LOUD!!! Don’t you just love it? Did you know that growing up in Seattle, Spring had already sprung by this time & then some??? My first Winter into Spring here in CO was a killer…..it took forever!! But I love this time…..it’s as if God takes a paintbrush & slowly begins painting the color back into the outside……


  2. I’d love to see those birds…
    It’s just that we have these stray cats all over the stupid place. The poop and pee all over the flowers. I hate cats.

    We do have 2 doves that live in the tree across the way. I’m always looking for the other one when I see one. I like them. I like birds.


  3. YES – spring is amazing! I love each season and all that comes with it. But, I’m always so ready for spring when it arrives. The birds are fabulous. The other night as we were putting the girls to bed we heard an owl outside the window close by. We thought that was SO cool! What a Creator we have – who comes up with the beauty in the plants and animals, the sky and mountains…GOOD stuff here in Colorado.


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