writing something so you know I haven’t fallen into a rabbit hole.


“you’re much less . . . muchier.   you’ve lost your muchness.” The Mad Hatter

if you care, say hello.

10 thoughts on “hello”

  1. Hello down there….. I’m betting it’s a busy season 🙂 I’ve had the pleasure of having your daughter teach myself and T.H. some guitar…. lots of gabbing going on but I think we learned a song! Take care Dale!


  2. Hi Dale!
    Matt and I are well, charging through school and taking a few breaths up for fresh air every once in a while. Still 2 years left for both of us til we get the bachelors degrees – me: Nutrition & Sociology, Matt: Wildlife Biology. Also, we are finally getting out of our 1 bedroom apt we’ve been in for over 6 years! Remember, you married us? We found a sweet 2 bedroom house to rent with a porch and gasp.. a yard! our own lawn!! We can hardly wait to get into it and enjoy it.
    Happy thoughts and hugs to you,


  3. Wow…..I don’t want to seem uncaring…..so Hello…

    Oh & I’m sorry for your family’s loss…….I know what a hard time this must be for you…….



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