big deal

Why is that we all are so annoyed by people who act like they are a really big deal, even if it’s only an occasional act, while wishing we were big deals, denying that we want to be big deals, acting like we believe that wanting to be a big deal is just wrong, trying to figure out how to become a big deal, and being frustrated that we haven’t become a big deal, yet?

Not to mention, that we admire people who are a big deal, at the same time we despise them, and we consume every bit of gossip we can about them from every vanity magazine and television show and website, and gossip-monger we can find, then criticize them for every misstep and flaw, while secretly acknowledging how much of a big deal they are, and wishing we could be their friends, just so we could be a little bigger deal based on the association.

Why are we all driven to be a bigger deal than we are, envying those who really are a big deal, while declaring to everyone who will listen, that we couldn’t care less about being a big deal – that in fact, we’re so relieved we’re not a big deal – while hoping secretly that we’ll become a really big deal before it’s too late for anyone to notice or care?

What’s the big deal, anyway?

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me.

C.S. Lewis was a big deal, apparently, based on the number of people who quote him (so they’ll seem like a bigger deal because they know what Lewis said), and he said something about none of us being mere mortals; we just have incomplete, flawed perspectives.

Maybe, we’re all really big deals, or at least bigger than we suppose, or we’re intended to be bigger deals, or we’re big deals in God’s view.  Maybe that’s why we have such an overwhelming desire to be big deals, and to deny it in the meantime.

Maybe it’s just me.  I’ve always wanted to be a big deal, but I’d never admit it.  It’s so non-big-deal to have any desire for it.

Oh, the games we play.

Truth is, to a very small group of people, myself included, I am a big deal.  Not the biggest, but fairly big.  But, if we’re all big deals, then, I’d rather not be one, just so I could be different.  If we were all big deals, being a small deal would be far more attractive.  Wouldn’t it?

I mean, it’s no big deal to me, of course, but I was just wondering how you see it.

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4 thoughts on “big deal”

  1. So you wrote another blog…so big deal! Just kidding:) This made me laugh. I liked the part, “I’ve always wanted to be a big deal, but I’d never admit it. It’s so non-big-deal to have any desire for it.” I think that’s true of everyone.


  2. To me, YOU are the BIGGEST deal in my life. There’s no one bigger…well, except Jesus. (He’s kind of a big deal, too.)


  3. Thought and reaction provoking as usual. To the mice that have taken refuge here at home I am, apparently, not a big deal, big in relation, but really someone only to be avoided. Like, Renee’s comment I would hope I am the BIGGEST deal, save Jesus, to Debbie.

    Ayda thinks I am a big deal, at least her eyes seem to brighten when I enter Chez Pratt and say “Who’s hone (not a misspelling)?” She responds by running to me. Actually, to me, Ayda is the biggest deal to me at that moment. Ditto for K,H,W,B,N,M,E,E,M,?,A,G,A,&E (1st initials) when I am in their individual presence and they are in mine.

    Funny how life’s circumstance seem to change how much of a big deal people are. Meghan McFarling Dougherty was, and her memory and legacy are, a bid deal.
    Interestingly, as I prayed and prepared emotionally for the 5 year anniversary of her homegoing I reread the Trib’s account. The opening line read “Snowstorms, limited visibility and icy roads probably did not cause a wreck Saturday evening that contributed to the death of 23-year-old Meghan Dougherty.” The article went on to describe the details of the crash and what was the cause of death.

    However, this time and to my shame, for the first time. these words which followed those which applied to our Meghan it read: “About one hour later, while heavy snowfalls and strong winds continued to blow, two more young adults were killed.”
    Antonio Salazar, 23, and Araceli Aldano-Gomez, 19, both of Greeley, were killed in a wreck on Colo. 66 west of Weld County Road 13.”
    Antonio was 23, Araceli only 19!!! To those in close relation to those young men, boys really, they were a BIG deal, too.

    As a Christ follower I am challenged by Jesus’ love for, or in the venacular of this post, how much of a BIG DEAL even those who rejected Him were. Visualise in your mind’s eye the scene of the triumphant entry to Jerusalem as He, hours away from cruel and unjust treatment, to be terminated on Golgotha, surveyed the throngs who teemed Jerusalem on that Passover. He, with a compassion I barely relate to let alone have agonized and said,

    “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling.”
    Matthew 23:37 They were a BIG DEAL to Him.

    Know that you are a BIG DEAL to Him. My prayer for all who read this post and these rambling words from me, He is a BIG DEAL to you. He is truly the BIGGEST DEAL.


  4. So, somedays I think I’m a big deal to my kids…..then, the oldest one, the boy, who is “testing his independence” does or says something to remind me that I may not be as big of deal as I had hoped. Is that normal?? Then my 5 year old will run up to me & fly into my arms to tell me how much he loves me & that is loud & in public!!! Then I feel like the biggest deal ever & my mommy heart wells up with something….love? pride? emotions?

    Isn’t it easier to feel like a big deal when you are made out to be a big deal in public? My kids can make me feel like a big deal in our own house behind closed doors, but it seems it’s kindof expected. But in public, it’s a totally different story. Am I totally in left field with this?? My world is confusing!! ha ha


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