naked I came, naked I go, but in the meantime

AydaAyda doesn’t understand that it’s not acceptable to go about the community naked, acting like she has no shame and nothing to hide.  To her, the only practical purpose for covering up is for warmth, though a cuddle in Mom’s lap adequately meets that need to her mind, even without clothing.  She has no bearing on what others think of her blatant exposure.  On occasion, she has even been discovered dancing, singing, laughing and generally frolicking without a stitch of clothing, much less inhibition.

Don’t worry, we’ll straighten her out.  We’ll teach her propriety.  We’ll teach her to hide that stuff.  We’ll make her understand.  Thanks for your support and prayers in this endeavor.

2 thoughts on “naked I came, naked I go, but in the meantime”

  1. kory likes to wear boots with his BERT-day suit! good times, for sure.

    and i so wish that innocence wasn’t required to give way to propriety.


  2. Oh. Don’t you still frolic around naked when the kids are gone? Make an obstacle course in your living room and jump from couch to couch. It’s exhilarating I tell you.


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