Oh my Lord.  Oh my God, can you hear us?

Who are you?  Where are you?  What are you like?

With so much ascribed to you, can you possibly meet that, be like that, exceed that?

You are our answer to every “why” question that we can’t answer.  You answer the mysteries of “how” questions.

We see and do not perceive.  We hear and do not comprehend.  And all of those areas get filled in with you.

Some of that is not you.  It’s our own accepted, unchallenged ignorance – willful ignorance.

We attribute our weaknesses and consequences to you.  We attribute everything beyond the boundaries of our subjective knowledge to you.

All of that is not you.  Some of it is.

If anything is you – if you are anything – some of that must be you.

If that truly incomprehensible is you, how very incomprehensible you must be.

I can nearly inexhaustibly argue for you in those spaces – it is easy to argue for the incomprehensible, as if it is all “make believe”, just trying to make someone believe.  As Katie says about Alice in Wonderland:  logic within the impossible.

I can also, though I haven’t really, nearly inexhaustibly argue against you – also seemingly with logic within the impossible.

So, which are you really?  Who are you?  Where are you?  What are you like?  How are you?  How is it between us?

I want to know you, Jesus.  Truly know you, beyond knowledge, beyond the comprehensible, beyond the logic.

Will I ever?  Are you to be known by one such as me in such a manner?

It’s incomprehensible.  I know so little.

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