Blog Under Hostage!!!

Dale’s blog is being held under hostage!  I (Renee) am attempting to show my love for Dale and to celebrate our upcoming 20th Anniversary of marriage by writing a blog without his knowledge.  It’s not been easy so far to do this….  First of all, I had to search, hunt and figure out what Dale’s password is to even get here!  Then, I had to ask a friend (Thanks, Jynelle!) to do some scanning of photos that were waaay before the digital age.  And, now, I am trying to figure out this foreign blogland of wordpress and wondering how the heck does Dale do this?!?  Anyway, if you know me well, you know I can do email and maybe a bit of facebook… but, other than that, I am challenged in these areas of higher computer-ness.  So, if you are looking here to read one of those poetic, lovely worded, thoughtful posts that come from my deep-thinking husband, you better back off right now.  It may not come off as pretty, but I am doing what I can. 

As I mentioned earlier,  we are coming upon our 20th year of marriage….  Wow!!!  Just hearing that makes me think we should be going on a cruise or something.   We will be having a quiet anniversary this year, but that’s ok.  I am just grateful for another year we can mark being married.  We were quite young when we got married.   My mom requested when picking the wedding date, that it would be when I was 19.  Dale quickly asked, “When is the first Saturday after Renee’s birthday?”  It happened to be the next day!  So, I was 19 and one day in the year of 1989.  I often look at other 19 year olds and think, “Yikes!  If I knew then, what I know now, would I still get married this young?”  And, I quickly have to answer, “Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!”  I love being married to Dale.  I am thankful we have the potential to have 60+ years together.  That doesn’t even feel like enough.  I want to be with him more than any other person, hands down.  I like him the most!  Man, I am so blessed!!!

As I  have reflected back where we began 20 years ago, I looked back on our wedding album.   Sadly, our picture taking skills were lacking and our wedding photos were not very good at all.  If I had anything to do over, I would definitely hire my brother, David (, or friends, the Parsons ( for our photography.  But the problem is they were only like 10 years old at the time.  (Even then they probably would still do a better job!!)  Anyway, take a journey with me down memory lane…. (And bear with me with the placement of photos.  I wish I could ask Dale to help me!!!)

twothreeHomecoming 1987  Back when we were “only” friends..  And Prom 1988, when we were becoming a little more friendlier….

Dale has always been very romantic.  For my graduation from high school, he gave me 88 roses!!!  What a guy!!!fourDale decided to move away from me and proceed with his life plans that he made before he knew me after the summer of his college graduation.  He headed to CA and we didn’t know where or if God would be bringing our paths back together.  Remember the Michael W. Smith song “Pray for Me”?  That was “our” song. But, it wasn’t long and still debated to this day how long it actually was…when Dale wanted me out in CA with him.   We had a 9 month separation and about a 6 month engagement.  This was before email, cell phones, web cams, cheaper long distance, etc.  We (and my Dad) paid some hefty bills for our many hours of talking.  Dale and I developed a system to let one another  know that we were thinking of each other without paying a dime.  One of us would call the other and let the phone ring once before hanging up, then the other would call back and do the same to say they got the message.  As my dad says, “Poor people have Poor ways!”seven

Engagement photo

February 1989








Hanging out in San Diego on a trip to see each other.  I missed him so much!!!  It was bliss to be together. March 1989

fiveRehearsal Dinner-June 30, 1989

After what seemed like an endless engagement of separation, we were finally married!!!  Dale still will not watch the video to this day.  He has maintained that he lived through it once, he doesn’t have to watch it again.  (I think he has some pyschological issues with the fact that his butt was so sweaty and he was afraid everyone could see it.  I am sure he’s scared to see if it’s actually true in the video!!!)


We took a couple of nights and headed to Boulder to a cottage behind someone’s home before packing up and moving to  Beautiful Burbank, CA.onenine  It was a hard day for my Dad to let me go.  Just ask him about that.  At least, we have redeemed ourselves by coming back to CO!

In our first home in Burbank.  Dale is sitting on “the Throne”.  This beauty of a chair was left in the apartment when we arrived along with some other “jewels”.  Our furniture was mismatched and minimal, and we were happy to have it.  (Btw, I think Dale made that coffee table when he was in high school.  I wonder what we ever did with that???) And lastly, Dale is enjoying a tasty meal from his brand-new child bride.  

So, this is where it all started.  And this is where we are now…


fpd_263 Dale is looking cuter than ever, don’t ya think?  His glasses have shrunk and he’s fit and trim.  I have “filled out” over time as 11 people have taken residence in my body for periods of time.  We have learned a lot and continue to learn.  This journey is up and down. I appreciate being in a marriage that the commitment is above all.  We can weather anything…storms, sunny days, and everything inbetween.  But, I would not like to share it with anyone else.  I love you, Dale.  Happy Anniversary!  Hey, Let’s keep watching the weather and see what happens.  How ’bout it?


If you live to be a hundred, 

I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, 

so I never have to live without you. 

Winnie the Pooh


With love, Renee





20 thoughts on “Blog Under Hostage!!!”

  1. well done, renee. thanks for sharing dale and hannah and will and noah with us tonight. the show kicked—hard! i’m pretty sure korinna had a good time, though she’s afraid of mosh pits (who isn’t, really?) and of me when i’m sweaty and dancing (who isn’t scared of that also?) yea for life in the fullest possible way!! becky and i love the heck out of you guys; happy 20th.


    1. Renee, about 45 minutes ago (4:10 AM, June 30, 2009) I turned in bed to your mom, held her tightly, and said thanks for giving me such a sweet baby. Happy Birthday. Earlier I, too, opened the old memory box. I reflected on what I was doing exactly 39 years ago. You know the story; leaving you and your mom at, then, Weld County General Hospital, now NCMC, I went to, again, then, Sambos, now Country Inn, got about $5.00 in quarters and called every family member and friend, woke them at this time of day and proudly announced that Barbara Renee Dougherty had been born.

      By holding Namesake hostage, you have given me the opportunity to tell all of your family and friends, at least those who subscribe to Namesake and take the time to read it and this comment, that God graciously gave us a sweet little girl, that we decided to call Barbara Renee.

      Little did we know that that gift from God, that little bundle of joy would survive 19 years and 364 days in our care to become the beautiful person she is today. Truly the gift that keeps on giving as sister to Ryan, David, and Charis, faithful, loving wife to Dale, of course, mom of mom’s to, Katie, Hannah, Will, Ben, Noah, Madeline, Ellie, Ethan, Meghan, Ada, and name TBD. Beyond the fam, you are a gift and inspiration to a network of friends too numerous to count.

      Happy Birthday today, happy 20th tomorrow. One of my all time favorite songs is by some obscure Christian artist that I think you may recall, Amy Grant, it is called “Father’s Eyes.” It goes …

      I may not be every mother’s dream for her little girl
      And my face may not grace the mind of everyone in the world
      But thats alright as long as I can have one wish, I pray
      When people look inside my life, I wanna hear them say

      She’s got her father’s eyes
      Her father’s eyes
      Eyes that find the good in things
      When good is not around
      Eyes that find the source of help, when help just can’t be found
      Eyes full of compassion, seein’ every pain
      Knowing what you’re going through, and feelin’ it the same

      Just like my father’s eyes
      my father’s eyes
      my father’s eyes
      Just like my father’s eyes

      On that day when we will pay for all the deeds we’ve done
      Good and bad they’ll all be had to see by everyone
      And when you’re called to stand and tell just what you saw in me
      More than anything I know, I want your words to be

      She had her father’s eyes, her father’s eyes
      eyes that found the good in things when good was not around
      eyes that found the source of help when help would not be found
      Eyes full of compassion, seein’ every pain
      Knowin’ what you’re goin’ through and feelin it the same

      Just like my father’s eyes,
      My father’s eyes,
      My father’s eyes,
      Just like my father’s eyes,
      My father’s eyes,
      My father’s eyes

      Trust me when people look inside your life they see your Father’s eyes. Thanks above all for loving Jesus and spreading his love to all of us!!!


  2. Renee,

    Beautiful post and I loved seeing your dad’s comment too. Good job on the computer! YEAH! (…and in your condition!)You have been such a blessing in my life and I have loved watching yours and Dale’s love and life grow toether pretty much from day one! … so glad I was at your wedding! What a sweet day!

    Thank you for being a forever friend…. thank you for being such a Godly example!!

    Happy Birthday and Annivesary sweet friend!!

    You’re right, Dick, she DOES have “her Father’s eyes.”

    love you, Susan


  3. I love it Renee… you and Dale are so very special 🙂 Happy Birthday today and Happy Anniversary tomorrow…
    Love, Heidi


  4. O.k. Renee – You have the entire family crying here (yes – We are all at my mom’s this week and have enjoyed your post). Thank you for opening yourself up and letting us all in – You two are a great example to all of us! Keep it up!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


  5. What a sweet and loving thing for you to do to recount your courtship and wedding on namesake. Dale’s a lucky fellow. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary too!!


  6. Your post is WONDERFUL! You made me cry….then I got myself composed (as to not scare the children) & I read your Dad’s comment…..that started the water-works all over again!!! You are blessed, blessed, blessed!!! Your husband & children are equally blessed to have you in their lives….& now I must continue my day with some Amy Grant song in my head….I just sang it to Melissa Jack & she clapped & said, “yeah!” ha ha Enjoy your special days & awesome memories!!


  7. By the way, I LOVE the engagement picture dress (gotta love the 80’s) & do you still have “The Throne?” That would be a tragic loss if you don’t…..


  8. Just to see Dale with those glasses was PRICELESS! But, truly as I have come to know your husband over the last couple of years I have come to respect you so much–you both have such a clear and obvious love for the Lord and each other, it makes me want to be a better wife and to more fuly explore my role as daughter of the King. I geninely enjoy Dale’s depth (even though sometimes I think he’s making it all up just to intimidate the rest of us) but this was a treat to hear from you this morning. Blessings on you, your special day and the years to come with your sweetie!

    And BTW–you are very blessed to have a dad who loves you SO much. Nothing strengthens the heart and confidence of a young girl like a dad who believes in her and showers her with love and affection, you and Dale are both obviously reaping the benefit of that.


  9. Renee,
    I adore you! Thanks!

    If I do live to be 100 years old, please don’t live one day less. That last day would be unbearable for me (not to mention a terrible way to celebrate my 100th birthday).

    I can’t wait to find out what your ransom demands might be for this blog and commence negotiations.

    I love you!

    P.S. A few blogging tips: don’t write about sweaty butts, try not to use pictures that are embarassing to others who might have worn really big glasses when they were totally in fashion and made pretty girls fall in love with them but are now horrendous and shameful, use some poetry and big confusing words. Nice job, though, on soliciting tears. That’s always good.


  10. That was a FUN post! Happy Anniversary! We’ll celebrate 19 years in December. It goes by quickly doesn’t it? Love the pics! I still remember sitting in some class at West listening to you talk about this Dale all of the time! 🙂


  11. 20 years…..seriously?? Where did the time go?? You must be joking. We can’t be that old. It was just yesterday that I was singing at your wedding. It was a beautiful day fit for a beautiful couple. Who knew that it could be this good after 20 years. Bret and I seem to have a deeper connection now than we did 20 years ago. I am sure that you two do as well. Congratulations! We’ll see you on the 40th. Love you both very much.


  12. Dale and Renee … You are both such an inspiration to my soul — as followers of Christ, as husband and wife, and as parents. I consistently see the fragrance of Jesus surrounding you in the beauty of your ordinary (and at times extraordinary) lives lived with grace, humility and servanthood. Congratulations on your 20th wedding anniversary and your birthday, Renee!

    I echo Deanne’s comments above. While a personal subscriber to this blog for awhile, your dad pointed me here afresh again this week, Renee. He often speaks of his love for you both, his heart for each of your kids, and his deep gratitude to Christ for your family. If a person’s legacy is written into the lives of those who follow them, you are one big love letter to God’s glory.


  13. Good Job Renee on your blog kidnapping. I however, think a blog is at its best when you mention sweaty butts and post pictures with oversized glasses. Yup, those are the fun ones!


  14. Renee and Dale,
    Happy (little belated) Anniversary.
    Loved the post and pictures Renee.
    Wish we new each other then, I was 19 when I go married almost 19 years ago, we would have fun together . We lived in Cali too, but we were up North about 6 hours.
    You are blessed beyond measure, may the Lord keep his blessings a coming!!


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