the Parsons in Rwanda

The Parsons, Ashley and Jeremy, that is, are friends, or at least people we know who are close friends of close friends, and they are people we admire, and they are photographers, and they are fun.

They recently made a trip to Africa and have blessed us by sharing part of their story and some of their photographs.

The images shake my foundation, stirring a craving for God and a desire to live in the constant light of such beautiful, yet harsh realites.  Moreover, they make me want to live my days in the places, and with the lives, portrayed in the images they’ve captured; to live here with such places and lives as relentless influences on the way I live here.

Let me say, too, that though great sympathy is evoked for people living in such dire and seemingly intolerable conditions, I recognize more than just that in my emotional response.  I recognize an appreciation, a sense of gratitude, and the challenge of incomprehensible hope among the responses in my soul.

Simply, the images, the lives expressed, evoke gratitude.  I am grateful for their testimony, the desperation they make me feel for God, and most of all for beauty that no earthly circumstance can corrupt.

As melodramatic as it may seem, moments like this make me certain I’ve seen the face of God here among us.

Please get to know Ashley and Jeremy and their work:

2 thoughts on “the Parsons in Rwanda”

  1. what an honor to stumble upon your blog – had no idea you had one!! – and to hear your amazing words about our experiences in Africa. We are so glad you loved the photographs, and hope to someday share more of the story of what God did in us through that time!!


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