adeste addendum

(Note: I had a conversation early this morning with a friend who, obviously, is not managing her time well, given that by 6am she had already prepared for the day, and read the “adeste fidelis” blog post I had published only a few hours earlier.

I prefer to give myself a chance to see my blog post in the light of day, after a normally late-night writing session, before I’m prepared to discuss it, since I may want to publish a retraction or correction or apology before it gets much exposure.

That was not possible this morning. We discussed the post, and I related my inability to put a fine point on my gut regarding those thoughts. In my late night stupor, I couldn’t get the words to say what I felt, so I deleted a few sentences and toyed with it before giving up.

So, I was reprimanded this morning, rightly so, for not being willing to risk the expression of things that could be ill-perceived if not written carefully, when I didn’t have the energy or acuity to write carefully.

Anyway, reprimand duly received, and encouragement noted, I am issuing this addendum to the previous post without further ado.)


If Jesus is true – not whether he exists or existed, but if he is all of what he is supposed to be; that is, if the full weight of the truth of him and what it means about us and this world we live in is true; if the implications of the existence of such a man and such a God upon our world are fully considered; if Jesus is The Truth – then we ought to live in way that reflects such a reality.

Perhaps, on good days, in mystical moments, we do.  Perhaps subconsciously, inherently, in simple things and practical ways, we do reflect that truth.  Perhaps, as I suspect he does, Jesus slips, frequently uninvited and mostly unobserved, into our minutes and thoughts.  I certainly hope he is involved much more than I’ve recognized.

But the probability that I haven’t recognized it is what concerns me.  Maybe I just can’t recognize it – maybe it’s not possible for my humanity to be aware of such things – and if so, that’s a relief because it gives me an out, not an excuse for not peforming, but a comfort that I’m not missing him.  But what if it is possible to recognize, and enjoy, and glean from his every intrusion, and I haven’t done so?  What then?  What precious parts of life have I missed?

I don’t want to miss an opportunity to interact with him here.  Those moments are far too rare and precious to endure the thought that I’ve not made the most of them.

And that’s what I hear in my soul in response to Buechner and his call to “adeste fidelis” – to come and see, all ye faithful.  I hear myself saying, “Yes, I will come and try him; to take advantage of his beckoning of me, and the offer it presents to know him.”

I will come and see, because if he is true, and I believe he is even in ways we’ve never considered, then I ought to live in the light of that truth, or at least I ought to want to live in the light of that truth, simply because it is the fullness of life, the abundant life, the transcendent life, a life in Christ.  If he is true, and such a life is available, it is worth far more than whatever it costs.

4 thoughts on “adeste addendum”

  1. I got sick last week… 2 weeks ago?
    Anyway, I don’t get sick often, and as a general rule I think people ought to maintain a sense of self-control in the midst of such discomfort. So, I thought I’d do just that, and made extra effort to control my angry outbursts at my children for those couple of days.
    Do you know what I found out? I found out I treat them better when I’m sick than when I’m not…that’s a slight digression. Here’s the point:

    As well as I treated them, they still disobeyed me.

    It makes me think about the Tree in the middle of the Garden…there was free will there. And a response that is controlled is a response where there is no choice. And where there is no choice, there can never be love. Not the real stuff anyway.

    It’s crazy how often we wish for the wayward temptations to never surface again. That would make it easier to love wouldn’t it? Oh if love were that easy…if it were, could it be called love? Nothing worth anything is cheap. It’s actually pretty expensive- I hear there was this one Guy who loved so much- he died because of it.


  2. i see your adeste fidelis and raise you a venite adoremus! let us indeed.
    thanks, dale for the reminder that i cannot do this of my own volition and that i am bound to miss him on occasion or, maybe, more often than not. i am amazed at how days that start off with “thank you, Jesus” carry more purpose and hope than days that start out with “s**t! i’m late!” or “i can’t wait for a mountain dew.” my prayer here and now is that my days will be filled more and more with Jesus and less and less with the stuff that so easily entangles. that i can choose hope not despair, life not death, and my neighbors’ needs (including those of my family) not my own. venite adoremus, Dominum!


  3. Well Dale you just can’t count on some friends to be as tactful as others so I do hope that your “early morning friend” will be more gracious about your writing in the future and give you time to process before having to jump in! But, what a blessing it is sometimes to be able to have uncensored conversations with friends. The richness that comes from stepping in without getting it all prettied up can be a real gift, I’ve had a couple of those conversations myself and feel energized by it even if I do embarrass myself with my own ignorance or inability to get it all out in a smooth, articulate package.

    As always, thanks for sharing your heart in your very unique way. I am stepping into this day with ‘come and see’ as a true desire of my heart.


  4. Dale!!! I finally found your blog! yippeeee!! i see there is lots for me to read. something to look forward to after i finish all of my homework this week. hope you are well! 🙂


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