sappy, pathetic, old-man emotions

I’ve always been a moody, emotional person, but lately I don’t have much of a handle on the control or the causes for my moodiness. My wife responds graciously –  much more so than I can offer to her when she is in the throes of hormone-induced mood swings.

Whatever, though.  This seems pathetic and silly, but it’s all I’ve got:

Today, while trying to discern where I’m at and why I feel the way I do, song lyrics from the 70’s came to mind – sappy, pathetic, romantic song lyrics that are entirely inappropriate for a middle-aged man to share, especially weird when shifted to a spiritual context.

Anyway, I had to google the lyrics to get the full chorus. Turns out Dan Hill won a grammy for this in ’78, although Rod Stewart had a decent cover later which you might remember.  I was 11 in 1978, and I actually remember the original version.

I’m pretty sure Dan wasn’t thinking of Jesus when he wrote it.  I am, but I’m not saying that’s right.  I’m just saying that’s the way it is today.  Maybe the honesty’s too much?

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty’s too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you til I die
Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you til the fear in me subsides

(Sometimes When We Touch – by Dan Hill)

6 thoughts on “sappy, pathetic, old-man emotions”

  1. It’s not “sappy” it’s that when we have those touches from GOD that open a love and longing that can’t be described it’s just simply (and profoundly) too deep for words. Isn’ it awesome that this God, this Trinitarian God, that is most certainly too deep for words chooses to touch our hearts and speak to us within a format that is totally inadequate and even absurd–yet He does it because He knows it’s the only way we can grasp it. So He touches us through silly, sappy, pathetic ways so that we will know this God who is too deep for words loves us enough to say it even through a silly love song and I for one am so very grateful that He does.

    And I like it that you are willing to put your sappy self out there!


  2. Okay, I feel totally redeemed about this now, thanks to Hannah. I was showing her this pathetic blog post and she says, “isn’t that the Five Iron Frenzy song.” What?! I vaguely remember that.

    So Five Iron sang that chorus from “Sometimes When We Touch” in their “Medley” song, recorded live at their final concert at The Filmore Auditorium in Denver, and recorded on the “The End is Here” disc.

    I was at that concert!

    We’re sitting here listening to it now from her iPod.

    Yes! I am redeemed! I’m not as old and pathetic as I thought I was!


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