a soul sabbath


  • 4 hours with friends over coffee discussing life, authenticity, direction, wives
  • flowers for Renee, milk for Meghan, donuts for everyone else
  • 7 hours of road-tripping with 8 kids on the scenic route to Platteville, Fort Lupton, University Hospital (Skinner), downtown Denver, to give Renee half a day off
  • church, worship, extended worship, friends


  • sleep in late, wake up slow
  • pile of kids on the bed
  • fix a bike
  • 10.5 mile run around Greeley with Ben as support crew aboard his recently fixed bike
  • egg sandwiches, bacon, ramen noodles
  • family around the table
  • good coffee
  • prep homemade cinnamon rolls
  • one hour stretched on the sofa with kids piled on and music about a big God
  • prep corned-beef brisket, baked beans, potato salad
  • card tournament to see who gets first cinnamon roll
  • I win
  • family around the table
  • did I mention homemade cinnamon rolls?
  • cinnamon rolls to random neighbors
  • chocolate and cookies from random neighbors
  • good coffee
  • spontaneous family meeting
  • plans for the Pratt-family, west coast tour:  Summer 2009
  • everyone pledges to fill the vacation funds shoebox
  • Meghan standing on the coffee table singing a solo
  • laughter
  • bed-time prayers
  • quiet

The best things in life are not destinations, but pathways, and seemingly random occurrences along the way.  The power of life is not in what we imagine it could be, but in what it really is.

Life is moments.  My heart breaks over moments.  My joy overflows over moments.  Few moments are planned, and none are truly controlled.  Yet, they come, continually, relentlessly, they come.

What can we do with them?  Long.  Yearn.  Desire.  Yet live.  We ought not let a moment be discarded without having every drop of life squeezed from it.  Yet there are so many of them, and surely they can’t all be meaningful.  Surely not.  Wasting a few of them is no great tragedy.  Is it?

Perhaps grace also restores the moments.  I’d like another shot at some of them.  I’d like to consider them more closely.  I’d like to squeeze a little harder.

One thought on “a soul sabbath”

  1. Thanks Dale for the reminder of how important the moments are in our lives. It’s easy to lose site of that at times. And I enjoyed reading about your moments over the weekend.


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