Desperate people do desperate things, and yet Jesus offers this: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.

Hungry people are desperate people. Thirsty people are desperate people.

What if righteousness in this case isn’t so much about behaving right all the time and more about being in the right space, i.e. being hungry and thirsty for righteous rest for our souls?

What if?

I mean, when my soul is truly disturbed, what I hunger for typically has little to do with the ability to behave well. Although, I do become frequently disillusioned by visions of grandeur in regard to maintaining control and keeping my self-imposed priorities straight.

Mostly, though, my disturbed, troubled soul goes looking for love, meaning, power, purpose, peace, relief. These things are fleeting, ethereal ideals amidst humanity, teasing us, haunting us, like the certainty of memories, sounds, sights and comforts of places to which we’ve never been.

Mostly, I’m desperate for invisible things – things that come from being in the right space, not a geographic or circumstantial space, but the space you’ll know is right only when you’ve arrived in it.

In my desperation, my perpetual desperation, I cry out with hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Have you seen the one whom my soul loves? If you do, please tell him I’m hungry.

He is my right space. He is my righteousness. When he appears, I am, and shall be, filled.

2 thoughts on “desperation”

  1. Let’s pretend that we’re all fat.
    Spiritually fat. Not meaning that you have an abundance of The Spirit, but that your relation ship with The Spirit is unhealthy. Ebbs and flows…

    Okay, so I’m convinced that God doesn’t want us to be spiritually fat- because spiritually fat people may “eat” before they get hungry. Soon, one forgets what hunger feels like. Maybe they look at their spiritual belly and think…”wow. I’m pretty spiritual. Would you look at this? I think I’ll stare at my spiritual belly all day today…I may even show a couple of people.”

    Here’s where Jesus’s metabolic fat burn challenge of 2009 comes in. He wants you lean. He wants you running (to him of course). AND- he doesn’t want you to gorge, so he limits the real food you consume.


    He wants you hungry.
    Sometimes real hungry.


  2. Desperation is the people of Gaza. They are now ‘Desperate’.
    Desperate for water, desperate for food, desperate for peace.


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