chunks of my flesh

2008 was my first year blogging, and now that it’s over, I’m a little sentimental.  I’ve read several blogs over the last few days that have offered top-10 lists and such of their best posts, and I’ve aspired to do something similar.

I’ve written exactly 100 entries to this blog in 2008, and I’ve just spent some time reviewing them, hoping to find 5 that I would suggest are the posts I’m most gratified to have written, i.e. “I’m glad I wrote this.”

Turns out, since they all became words after first being chunks of my flesh, I’m glad I’ve written all of them.  So, I’ve enlisted Renee to help.  Turns out, she doesn’t like some of the ones I really like and she’s warm and fuzzy about all the posts that are about our children.  That’s not so helpful.

Now it’s late.  We’re tired, and we have no inspiration for nostalgia about 2008.  Who cares anyway!

But, since we’re here . . . some of my best writing was earlier in the year . . . and later in the year.  Peruse at your leisure, but maybe check out these (more than 5, but particularly meaningful to me):

Thanks for reading!

P.S. If your favorite or most meaningful post is not listed above, as if you actually had one, please don’t be bothered.  I would have listed them all, but that might have been awkward.

3 thoughts on “chunks of my flesh”

  1. I did not write a “top ten” list, or year in review, or what have you, because a couple of months ago I added a “best of” page to my blog. I also started blogging in 2008. I felt like the internet was filled with junk and if I could contribute just a little truth or something meaningful it would be worthwhile. Sometimes I get distracted arguing with atheists or blogging about politics, but usually try to focus on being Christ centered. I “discovered” your blog tonight, and am glad I did.


  2. Dale – Renee and I reconnected recently and she told me about your blog. So, I missed out on reading most of your posts from 2008. I enjoyed reading some of the posts you listed above. I really appreciate your writing. Your Taco Bell post reminded me of a class Renee and I had together in High School where I remember her talking a LOT about this guy named Dale. What a hoot to read about you all now! Happy New Year.


  3. Dale – I have loved reading your blogs. They have helped me to feel closer to you and the family despite the distance between us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings, family, and also your shortcomings with us. The favorites that you listed are also some of mine – an “oasis of memories” and “hands” – are for obvious reasons on the top of my list (I love you Papa!). I also really enjoyed “evoke her beauty”.

    By the way, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. May God richly bless you, Renee, and the kids this year. I love you all and though I may not always keep in touch very well – you are always on my mind and in my heart.


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