ayda charis

img_3918Yesterday, I turned 42.  Old like dirt.

Today, my daughter, Ayda Charis, turned 1.  New like Spring.

Here are some things we have in common:img_3941

  • brown eyes
  • same last name
  • little hair
  • love for Renee
  • flappy ear lobes
  • relatives
  • dna
  • temper
  • baby fat
  • cuddly
  • belly buttons
  • address
  • curiosity
  • confusion
  • general optimism

Here are some things I have that she doesn’t:img_4100

  • a job
  • gray hair
  • debt
  • unnecessary wrinkles
  • facial hair
  • blemishes
  • guilty conscience
  • driver’s license
  • spouse
  • children
  • honey-do list
  • molars
  • fillings
  • friends
  • responsibilities

Here are some things Ayda has that I don’t:img_3977

  • good looks
  • that smile
  • future
  • potential
  • sagging diaper
  • admirers
  • simplicity
  • pink pants
  • self-perpetuating foodsource
  • cute toes
  • unmitigated hope
  • renee’s priority attention
  • never-ending supply of open arms and laps

Here’s a few things she and I discussed and wanted to pass along to you:img_4026

  • life is beautiful, get it while it’s hot
  • never put off until tomorrow what doesn’t have to be done at all
  • when all else fails, cry for your mom (or spouse)
  • food is good
  • laughter is good medicine, do it loud and often
  • talking is for people without communication skills
  • take no thought for tomorrowimg_4041

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