girl stories

Madeline writes in blue marker on her apple notebook:

A cat and a dog sit on rats

the rats war mad

the dog and the cat war sorry.

the end.

Ellie writes in black marker and black pen on an Air National Guard notebook given to us by our postal carrier:

the beginning of the story.

I Love you tow

Love you


I Love you

true.  I Love you to


Love you

(heart drawing)

There you have it, written by the hands of the wise – a kind word turns away wrath, and true love makes the world go ’round.

Forgiveness.  Love.  Truth.


We are clumsy, but we are beautiful.  We are weak, but we are strong.  We are groping in the darkness, but we carry the light.  We are all that and a bag of chips.

3 thoughts on “girl stories”

  1. What strikes me most about the second story is the word “because”.
    I don’t quite know why. Maybe the recipient of the story asked “Why do you love me?”
    Maybe the teller of the story was trying to give reason and somehow put into words what words fall short of.

    She’s going to be a writer like you Dale.


  2. wow.

    crumples up the poem he was working on and skulks off into the corner where to better ponder the merits of writing like a little girl.


  3. Intriguing… how simply strung together these words are, and yet, they make all the sense in the world.

    Love the blog, you are an excellent writer


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