click the title to see the full post

Technical note from namesake:  If you’re seeing this in email or any reader, to see the full text of this post, please click the title of the post, above.  I changed this setting a couple of days ago and some folks have been wondering why my posts suddenly got thousands of words shorter (they were secretly overjoyed).

I’m experimenting with this format for distribution of the blog for two reasons:  1) posts are more legible due to the controlled format in the WordPress environment; 2) it leads to the blog site where you can see other stuff like comments on previous posts, new pictures, and updated tricks and flare stuff.

If you hate it, let me know via comment and I’ll consider your input.  I’m still weighing the pros and cons.

Since there’s no real post here today, check out the comments on my post from a couple of days ago: foolish trust.  My friend Tracy in L.A. has stepped up to prompt some good conversation.  Kudos Tracy!

While you’re at it, leave a comment.  Read one.  Leave one.  (Kind of like the little penny tray at the 7-Eleven, you know.)  It will be fun.  Promise.

I love you, too!

4 thoughts on “click the title to see the full post”

  1. Yeah, so I started this adventure… (this bloggong adventure), and my site doesn’t have nearly as much “flare” as yours does. These things, they get complicated.


  2. How very slick…But the pressure is on you to create opening lines that everyone will want to click to continue! however, so far that doesnt seem to be an issue…so I say again, how very slick.


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