Just so you know, I haven’t quit, and I haven’t picked up a bad attitude.

I’m just a little verklempt, which apparently is Yiddish for “overcome with emotion”, and exhausted, and confused, but let’s just say verklempt because that’s more fun.

I hunted and camped with KJ.  We saw amazing things and loved the experience, but we didn’t get the elk and Erik couldn’t find us.  That’s a good, long story, just waiting to be told.

Renee went on a scrapbooking retreat for 5 days and just came home to a mountain of laundry and a boat-load of whacked-out children this afternoon.

I ran my fourth marathon on Sunday morning and got beat by a girl – my sister-in-law, Angie, who makes me really proud, in a good way (and a bunch of other girls and other people who we don’t need to talk about).

I need to write to you about how marathons make me an emotional wreck – verklempt even – like a girl.  I also need to tell you about my father’s hands, and how Ben’s hands reminded me of them.  I also need to tell you about several other things that make my heart beat, and how I’m all confused and frustrated and scared – like a girl.  (If you’re a girl, please don’t be offended at that.  I really admire you and aspire to be like you in several ways.)

I’ve also been in budget mode at work which is just sick and dumb and a giant pain in my left ear lobe.

Speaking of ear lobes, I also had an ear infection that caused my right ear-drum to rupture a couple of weeks ago.  Just 3 days ago it stopped leaking goopy yellow stuff and I think the hearing is coming back, too, so I don’t feel like my head is in a bucket now.  Let him who has an ear to hear . . .

Tomorrow, I’ll attend an introductory conference at our church on a new spiritual transformation tool.  I’m hoping it’s transformative, which probably isn’t even a real word.

But tonight, I’m verklempt, and exhausted and lost, but let’s just say verklempt, because that’s more fun.

4 thoughts on “verklempt”

  1. I hope I can up my attitude to at least as verklempt as you are and have fun with it… I’ve been to another world and back in the last week. I feel like I’ve been gone a month — a whole story to talk on sometime. CRAZY really – honest. Hey to Renee… Luv, HmD


  2. So you apire to be a girl?! I think thats great. Girls are great. And thanks for the daily dose of knowledge. I didn’t know Verklempt was Yiddish.


  3. HmD – Time is stupid, so I’m never able to do all that is needed. I need to hear that other world travel story. I will hear it, so please keep it fresh for me. In any case, the fun it seems I have with verklemptness may not be real. It’s just words on a computer screen, right?

    Danyelle – You’re right, girls are great, but I don’t really aspire to be one. I just aspire to be like on, in some ways. Of course, in other ways, a girl is the last thing I want to be – or maybe second to last, or something. Glad I could help with the vocabulary!


  4. I wish I had a magic wand to make everything simple again. You know, like when I was three and life was simple. This verklempt stuff gets old.


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