I’m camping and hunting elk for 6 days and 5 nights with KJ and Erik starting tomorrow morning, somewhere in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains in the Colorado State Forest.

So, after waxing eloquent about how to love my wife in the last 2 posts, I’m leaving her to fend for herself with all of these children for 6 days.

I haven’t been hunting since I was in high school, and then it was little stuff.  I’m lucky I didn’t hurt myself.

I’m not actually hunting this time, or at least I won’t be carrying or firing a gun.  I’m more like a pack mule, or a scout, or a faithful assistant.

It’s supposed to snow while we’re there.  We’ll be cold and wet and weary.  I hate getting out of a tent in the middle of the night to use the imaginary facilities.

Tonight, I worked until 9:30 to get the budget turned in before my trip.  It’s been crazy for a few weeks.  I asked Renee to let the kids stay up until I got home, so I could see them before I leave.  I usually tuck them in and say their prayers and get water and start the Adventures in Odyssey CD, and sometimes I threaten them with dire consequences if they don’t be quiet and go to sleep.

So tonight, I’m standing there practically asleep on my feet between two bunk beds which are holding 5 kids, and they won’t stop hurling questions about camping and elk hunting at me.  I know very little, really, about either of those subjects, but to them, I was the expert.

Noah wants an elk bladder.  Ellie wants an elk butt.  Ben wants an elk tooth or an eyeball.

I’m not bringing any of those things home.  KJ might.  Erik might.  I might help them bring it home.

What I’m bringing home is a refreshed, but still weary, grateful attitude that comes from spending time with friends without phones or computers doing some heart-fulfilling, elements-overcoming adventuring.

While I’m gone, send me a note and let me know what adventures you’re undertaking this weekend.  We’ll be like pen-pals.  Maybe send a note to Renee, too.  Since I’ll be gone, she’ll be needing a substitute cherisher.

Love you, too.

6 thoughts on “out”

  1. Sounds miserable. I’m going back to Junction this weekend for a wedding. Equally miserable.

    Your kids think you’re an expert? Exploit that while you still can!


  2. This weekend I will be working as usual. It’s Tuesday that i really get to cut loose. I am proud of you for going hunting! I want to go hunting.


  3. I watched Kelsey run in a cross country race where she placed 13th out of 105 girls with her fastest time of 21 minutes and 29 seconds. Then I delivered her to Brianna’s dorm room where she spent two nights sharing some much needed sister time. When I arrived home, I spent three hours stacking wood with my husband – trying to beat the high cost of fuel oil. I watched as Bret helped Jesse sight in his new gun that he will use to go deer hunting for the first time this coming Saturday. Time for me? No – but maybe someday soon. Hope you had a great time – did the “great white hunters” arrive home with any elk meat?


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