so predictable

It’s Monday night, and I’m at home getting ready to put the kids in bed.  After that, I’ll be working for several hours to meet a real work deadline for a meeting tomorrow.  If I had started this task on Friday, I would have been finished long before now.

As I’ve mentioned  before, I’m a procrastinator.  However, not working on Friday was only partially my fault.  I’m blaming God, and all of you, for the other part.  (How much blame goes to each part is TBD somewhere in eternity, probably.)

I was disturbed, as you can tell from the previous post, meeting notes, which were the actual meeting notes I took on Friday morning.  (I can show you my notes page from my planner if you don’t believe me.)  Of course, after that meeting, and all of the daydreaming brought on by the book I’m reading, Amazing Grace by Jonathan Kozol, I was unfit for work.  Whose fault is that?

Anyway, the point is that you all are so predictable.

Renee and I have noticed that no one ever comments on my more serious, faith-based, scripture-based, or just weird philosophical posts.

I get the most comments on my “life-is-fun” and “children-are-cute” posts.

So, I didn’t get any comments on the Friday post.  So predictable.

I can tell you’re looking at them.  The stats indicate that you’ve been visiting.  The stats don’t lie!  I’m an accountant.  I know stuff.

It’s okay, though.  Renee didn’t get it either.

That’s what she said when I got home on Friday:  “I read your blog.  I didn’t get it.  What was that about?”

So, you’re predictable, but you’re off the hook.

If I didn’t have a bunch of work to do tonight, I’d write another post about my cute kids, so you could all have a chance to comment.

By the way, I also have 3 times the number of visits to the blog on the days when Renee tells you she has new pictures.  I’m pretty much convinced, now, that you all come here for the pictures.

I’d lament that and feel sorry for myself for a few hours tonight, but I have work to do, since you made me miss it on Friday.

Love you, too.

15 thoughts on “so predictable”

  1. Wanna know how predictable I am? Every time you post one of those serious ones, I want to comment. I will think of a great comment and not post that comment because I think that my comments are L-A-M-E. I can never summarize everything that I want to say into a nice little comment. That, and I’m just too lazy sometimes to write a nice big comment. It’s not you, it’s me. Really. Also, let’s count how many times I said “comment.”


  2. To tell you the truth, I don’t think your posts really invites comments. I think the faith-based posts are interesting. But if you want this to truly be interactive, maybe offer folks the opportunity to reply by asking questions of US. When I finish those posts, I think, that’s cool for him. Do I need to tell you what you already know? It *is* cool for you, to be working it out. But I don’t see where my comments help or even create a dialogue. With the kid posts, it’s nice to see what’s going on over there. And your kids are cute.

    What do you want to talk about? Not at me. To me or with me? Ask some questions that don’t require God’s answers, cuz I’m sure not going to speak for Him. But if you want to know what I think, ask me.

    I reject your blame. It’s up to you to make this blog what you want it to be.

    Man up, yo. 😉


  3. Dave – That counts as a comment. Stick that in your . . .

    Joliene – I know you are, but what am I. They’re bigger in real life.

    Tracy in L.A. – Touche . . . I’ll work on that . . . However! That ‘meeting notes’ post ended with about 50 questions, and they were not rhetorical. That’s what I want to alk about, with you. I’m not asking for God’s answers, I’m asking for Tracy’s answers (perhaps, hopefully, at least partly inspired by God. That’s what I want this blog to be. So, what do you think? Bring it!


  4. I, like Trina, write comments to your posts, but never submit them. I do this because as I write out the comments, I decide they are not really worth posting, because who really cares what I think. I know that you do, but I could just call you and discuss the posts with you (which I also never do) but then I think that by the time I talk about it with you, it would be nearly a week later and not near as insightful and interesting as if I were speaking to you in when you were posting the thoughts. I miss those days of Dale and I discussing things into the late nights at your house or over deep-fried chicken strips on an already-too-long-lunchtime… Reading and commenting on your posts does not necessarily bring back those days for me… So I don’t post, don’t call, and forget about the whole thing hours later while I listen to election coverage and rebuild a derailleur from a random 1973 Schwinn Collegiate while the impatient customer looks at all of my random Soviet memorabilia and wonders what they are getting themselves into buying a bike out of a garage in an alley from a guy who only accepts cash… But I really do appreciate the posts, because at least I can read about what goes on inside your mind, and therefore keep up with you… Let’s do lunch more often. I could probably work out something around my school schedule…


  5. Matt – that is truly a conundrum, which is a fun word to type and say. You should think about taking credit cards. That would be fun. Then you could sell random souvenirs, like bobble-head dolls of famous bloggers, if there were any. Lunch would be fabulous. Thanks for the comment.


  6. SO now you got the comments you want Dale! I’ll admit, I do come for the photos… but ONLY when Renee sends me an update that are new photos. When I see namesake — I come for myself. Ya, some are beyond my wee little mind. But I don’t mind… I’m used to it. Other’s I find so insightful and meaningful it’s crazy. I tend to forget I’m LIVING sometimes. So thanks Dale for ALL your blog entries. I appreciate them. Hi to Renee… I miss her big time… My fault though. LOVE Ya’ll too… from NYC… Heidi


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