a walk to remember

What does a family do in honor of the last Wednesday without a commitment for the next 9 months, and the last week before school starts?

A 4-mile round-trip walking excursion with my wife and eight of our children, including two strollers, with no particular destination in mind.

It was Renee’s idea.  In years past, with a smaller family population, we’ve done that sort of thing.  Maybe it was nostalgia.  Maybe it was too many hours in a small house with a herd of children.

We ended up eating most of 3 pizzas and a vegetable tray at the deli inside a grocery store, then topping that off with 34 cinammon rolls from CeCe’s while sitting on the patio outside Starbuck’s.  I think Will consumed eight of them.  I feel like I had that many.

It’s late.  The kids are tired and grumpy, and sticky from cinammon sugar.  Meghan’s shirt could stand up on its own.

Katie and Will had a long, rare conversation.  Maybe they’ll actually enjoy each other’s time someday.  Noah, Madeline and Ellie played some game which required running in patches of grass along the sidewalk, picking up random items from the ground and grabbing leaves from bushes and such.

Old neighbors from Renee’s childhood who happened to be in the grocery store offered to shuttle us home.  Renee declined.

Renee wishes she would have worn her walking shoes rather than her sandals.  I wore my fancy running shoes, and my feet hurt anyway.

People look at us funny.  One woman on a bike laughed at us and said, “Wow!  That’s a batch of kids.”  The pizza man in the grocery store gave us free drinks and giant chocolate chip cookies.

Life is good.

Pizza and sodas for 10?  $29.95

California Rolls and Veggie Tray with dressing?  I’m not sure.  Katie bought them with my credit card.

40 cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven?  $11.34

Tall Americano with room?  $2.02

A walk to remember?  Priceless.

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