I’ve already apologized to five different people this morning for various things, and that doesn’t count all of the apologies I had to make yesterday and those I’ve thought that I should make over the last few days, so I thought I’d just go ahead and make it official.

This is my official Apology Day.

I apologize.  Please forgive me.

I apologize for miscommunicating, misunderstanding, misjudging, misspeaking, misgivings, mistakes, and just generally missing the mark.

Though my intentions are frequently good, and my desires are hopeful and loving, my ability to meet those objectives falls short more frequently than I recognize or admit.

As I’ve struggled over the last few days to keep up with this spinning globe and thought of all the people who have been shortchanged, I’ve recognized that I’m consistent.  I’m consistently falling short.  I know that sounds pitiful, but the recognition of this is actually a good thing.

So, in honor of official Apology Day, please accept this word of caution related to our future interactions and ongoing relationship:  get used to disappointment.  I really can’t be consistent at a high-level of performance.  I’ll let you down, eventually.

So, I highly recommend, that on this day, especially, you respond to my apologies and shortcomings in a similar way to the way I’ve responded to the recognition of my inability to meet even my own expectations:  run to Jesus.

Somehow this crazy Christian thing works out so that in my weakness his strength comes to bear, and when that happens all of us are better off.

8 thoughts on “apologies”

  1. Tracy in L.A. – It’s good to have you back. I was worried you quit on us. Turns out those who love me forgave me before I apologized. My apology was merely a formality.


  2. Apology Day? making it an offical day just takes the heart out of it… but I’m game for making cards and sending them all out, kinda like Valentine Day right?


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