It’s so cliche, I’m embarassed to mention it, but the truth is Monday’s are the bane of my existence.

Another confession that explains the last:  I’m a serious, world-class procrastinator.  In fact, right now, I’m writing this rather than getting the work done that I promised myself I would perform diligently so I can get home at a decent hour tonight without heart-stopping stress levels.

I put everything off to the weekend and then each weekend is so full that I need 15 weekends to get through one of them.  I actually believe it’s possible, though, and when I realize it’s not, I just lie to myself and say, “it will all work out somehow.”

So, now it’s Monday.  I’m exhausted already and behind on everything and I didn’t get finished with a tenth of what needed to be done over the weekend.

Instead, I spent 2 hours at coffee with friends, spent 5 hours with 50 volunteers getting an elementary school dressed up for another year (while 200 other volunteers from local churches worked at 4 other schools), fixed 3 sprinklers in my yard, had friends over for dinner, ran 15 miles, worshipped against the back wall of the church while my daughter slept in my arms, attended a wedding reception with my four sons (after we missed the wedding because we left late and got stuck in the worst traffic jam ever), talked to friends and watched my sons dance the night away, then fell asleep at 11:00 while watching the first few minutes of the movie my wife wanted me to watch with her at 8:00.

Monday . . .  back with a vengeance and the debts are too high, the bills aren’t paid, the letters aren’t written, the sprinklers are still broken, the house is falling apart, the kids aren’t educated adequately, the cars are junk, the lawn isn’t mowed, the garage is a wreck, the bosses are in town, the week ahead is jammed full of work and activities, and most of my friends think I’ve forgotten them.

I can’t believe I spent my weekend on all of that silly stuff and didn’t get anything done.

This week will be different.  This is the week I get it all together and keep it under control.  First, though, I’ll get another cup of coffee . . . and check my email.

2 thoughts on “monday”

  1. Statistically, Monday is the most likely day of the week to have a heart attack. The stress of going back to work, putting the nose the grindstone, is more than some people can take. Oddly enough, Friday is the second highest day of the week for heart attacks. Apparetly the stress of taking a break is almost just as great.


  2. 🙂
    My thoughts exactly. Well minus the house, the car, the kids, and you know other adult like things!
    I like the thought process too…..obviously this tuesday I am reading this and commenting instead of taking a UV-VIS and working up a reaction. Maybe not so much a monday thing but a work thing?
    Anyway thinking of ya!


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