Steve served our breakfast this morning.  He’s an interesting fellow.  He and Jan have only been married for a year.  They each have 2 grown children and at least one other job, but 2 months ago, they became owners of a bed and breakfast.  They were looking for a place to host Steve’s musical events and Jan’s quilting workshops and have a little fun.  Almost by accident, they ended up as innkeepers.

Steve has a financial planning business, he plays the classical guitar, and he served our breakfast this morning.  It was some kind of southwestern egg casserole.  He wears big glasses and white sneakers and a zipper sweatshirt with nothing under it and chest hair sticking out of the top.  His teeth are crooked and discolored a bit, but he has a friendly smile and some skill at making small talk.

Last night, they must have had a bit too much wine – I’m judging by the 2 empty bottles on the table when we entered before 8:00pm.  They were still making a lot of noise at 10:45 with some other guests in the dining room, but we faded off to sleep without much concern, though I had considered going down there at one point to offer my fatherly “you-guys-are-living-on-the-edge” look.

I abducted Renee and Ayda after dinner last night, with the help of Katie and Hannah, and my mother, as co-conspirators.  We’re spending two nights in this little inn and hiding from the world.  Renee got flowers and her favorite chocolates – smoked sea-salt caramels – from Fran’s in Seattle (click here to enjoy).  I got a day off of work and a chance to read a book and talk to my wife without interruption.

I didn’t really like Steve at first – that smile made me suspicious of him – and Jan is very worried that Ayda will cry and bother the other guests, but they’re growing on me now.  How hard could it be to like a guy who plays the classical guitar and serves you breakfast?  He even remembered our names after one introduction.  I had to go and look at the business cards on the registration desk to find their names.

It’s a good lesson for me.  First impressions are ridiculous and should be ignored as frequently as possible.  They prevent us from the opportunity to develop friendships and to appreciate people for their character and unique beauty.

Steve is an interesting character.  Maybe I’ll have an opportunity to hear him play that guitar sometime.  Maybe we’ll share a glass of wine – only one – and maybe we’ll talk about his first marriage and his children, and he can give me financial planning advice, and we’ll become friends and share laughter and maybe even talk about Jesus.  I’d like that.

For now, I’m just looking forward to breakfast again.

3 thoughts on “innkeepers”

  1. You definitely had to grow on me, but I had good reason to let you with my brothers-in-law being among you. Amazingly, getting past those first impressions has allowed me to experience some of richest relationships in my life. You “punk kids” are beautiful people – even you, Nathan.


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