a song and a prayer

This is one of those contemplative, introspective, searching-for-inspiration and wondering-who-I-am, kind of days.  So, I’m not writing, but exposing a bit of vulnerability.  Please forgive my indulgence.

The words to my favorite song, Drunkard’s Prayer, by Over the Rhine, are bouncing around inside me today:

You’re my water, you’re my wine, you’re my whiskey from time to time. You’re the hunger on my bones, all the nights I sleep alone.

Sweet intoxication, when your words wash over me.  Whether or not your lips move, you speak to me.

Like an ocean without waves, you’re the movement that I crave.  And in that motion, I long to drown, and be lost, not to be found.

You’re my water, you’re my wine, you’re my whiskey from time to time.

My ongoing prayer:

Lord, if you don’t satisfy, I won’t be satisfied!  Everything I can obtain or generate without you, everything I can gain and preserve is filthy and corrupt, full of worms and passing away.  It can’t and won’t be sustained.  Everything built on this foundation will be tried by the fire of your life and consumed unless it’s pure.  You, only, have the words, the gift, the fruit of life.  You alone are worthy.  You are altogether lovely and all that is lovely.  You are more than enough for me.  I desire to delight in you at the full expense of all else.

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